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We are an independent record label based in Houston, Texas, dedicated to edit artists of the genres Psych Rock, Shoegaze, Post Punk, New Wave, Electroclash, Electronic, Garage Surf, Psycho Dub, Experimental Trash and Punk of all the galaxies. Coming soon a fab collection of Argentinian bands, vinyls 7's. 10's and 12's recorded in Austin, Tx. [Austinsignal]
Artists: Guia de Viaje, Iguana Lovers, Jovenes Transmutados, La Gran Tortuga, Ninio Mercurio, Rubber, Televidentes, Ural Mountains, Fiori Ressia and more...
Stay tuned. Thanks!

Iguana Lovers single remastered: Universo. Pre order vinyl 7">here




Independent Record Label

Independent Record Label.