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If you are interested in getting any of these vinyl 7 ", 10" and 12" please send an email through Contact and also if you want pre order or contact directly with the artist

Rubber - Rubber (EP vinyl 10") Sold Out - pre order

Guia de Viaje - 17 Caramelos/Ahi Voy de Nuevo (Single vinyl 7")

Televidentes - Heroes de Otros Planetas (EP vinyl 10")

Jovenes Transmutados - Jovenes Transmutados (LP vinyl 12")

La Gran Tortuga - Velocidad (LP vinyl 12") coming soon - pre order

Dany Punx - After Punx (LP vinyl 12") coming soon - pre order

Iguana Lovers - Surfing Caos (LP vinyl 12")

Iguana Lovers - Psicoclash (LP vinyl 12") remastered

Iguana Lovers - Esencial (LP vinyl 12") remastered

Ninio Mercurio - Harmony Korine (LP vinyl 12")

Ural Mountains - Daydream/Hypnotic (single 7" pre order)

Ural Mountains - Blurry Pictures (LP vinyl 12") pre order